Children Who Witness Abuse

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Top Ten Plays for Teaching Kids and Teens that Violence Never Equals Strength

1. TALK OPENLY Encourage open, honest, and thoughtful reflection about relationships. Allow kids—especially boys—to express their ideas and expectations for the relationships in their life. Be careful not to dismiss their ideas as “wrong” or “childish.” Rather,
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BC’s Children Who Witness Abuse Programs not able to meet demand

News BC Society of Transition Houses May 1, 2017 For Immediate Release: Vancouver, BC 1st May, 2017 Only 36% percent of children and youth from BC who attempted to get help from Children Who Witness Abuse (CWWA) programs for their exposure to violence against women were able to be off
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The “Missing” First Year

Here’s how everyday parenting choices can add up to big differences in development over the early years of a child’s life. Read more about: Social and Emotional Development Positive Parenting Approaches National Parent Survey Ages and Stages Back to top Explore more from T
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18 Ways to Support Children Who Witness Domestic Violence – Domestic Shelters

Exposure to trauma can lead to long-term effects in children. But there are ways to help children heal Each year, an estimated 3.3 million children in the U.S. witness violence by a family member against their mother or female caretaker. Exposure to that kind of trauma can harm childr
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Children and Domestic Violence

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13 kids books to spark conversations about empathy

uly 14, 2016 by Catalina Gonella Lately, it seems like every other day, we turn on the news or open up our social media to find that another tragedy has occurred. Each time we’re faced with these events, we may be overcome with sadness, frustration, and hopelessness. But in these time
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7 Tips for Parents to Help Children and Teens post Separation/Divorce

Dr. Ashley Miller, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on July 12, 2016 Welcome to a new series here on the Kelty blog! Dr. Ashley Miller will be taking over the blog every second Tuesday to write about family relationships and parenting children with mental health concerns. Please take
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Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, Children Say

By Kj Dell’Antonia March 8, 2016 Recently, university researchers asked children and parents to describe the rules they thought families should follow related to technology. In most cases, parents and children agreed — don’t text and drive; don’t be online when someone wants to talk t
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