Family and Individual Counselling

Canadian Tire JumpStart Program

  Contact Information: Family Dynamix Address: 1317 7th Avenue, Invermere, BC Telephone: 250-342-5566 Website: One-in-three Canadian families cannot afford to enrol their children in organized sports and/or physical activities (Vision Critical, 2011) which me
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Self-Care Quiz

Self-Care Quiz How well are you at taking care of yourself? Answer Yes or No to the following questions and score yourself below. Yes___ No___ 1. Do you take time for yourself every day? Yes___ No___ 2. Do you exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes? Yes___ No___ 3. Do you get
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Steps to Have a Stress(less) Christmas!

 Steps to Have a Stress(less) Christmas! Thrift Store, recycled or handmade gifts, can be fun and creative, and environmentally friendly. Draw names among the family/friends this way you purchase one gift, reduces cost and stress during the holidays. Give a gift of your time; make a g
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Stress Management Tips

  Stress: Possible Symptoms of Stress: ›  Anxiety ›  Tired ›  Pressure ›  Worried ›  Nervous ›  Overwhelmed ›  Nauseated ›  Irritability ›  Anger & Hostility ›  Depression ›  Mood Swings   Prolonged Stress Response: ›  Stress response is meant to be short-term ›  Stress
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