About the Program

Columbia Valley Better at Home is a non-profit service that supports the independence of local seniors by providing basic, non-medial support. The program is open to persons residing in the Columbia Valley age 65 and older.

Better at Home is:

  • Funded by the Government of British Columbia
  • Managed by the United Way of the Lower Mainland
  • Delivered in the Columbia Valley by Family Dynamix


Columbia Valley Better at Home Services

The following services are delivered by volunteers or individuals under contract with Columbia Valley Better at Home:


Intake Process

For more information or to apply to the Better at Home program, please contact Columbia Valley Better at Home through Family Dynamix 250-342-5566 or program coordinator 250-342-1110. Clients will be asked to fill out an intake form and to provide proof of income.

Download Brochure:
FDx – Better At Home


The fees for Better at Home services are based on a client’s income. A sliding scale is used to determine initial subsidy level.

Fee categories are based on total household income (line 150 on Revenue Canada income tax assessments).

All fees collected for Better at Homes services go toward volunteer or contractor reimbursement, program expenses, and creating a sustainable program which serves as many seniors as possible.

Better at Home