Early Childhood Education

Healthy Carrot & Apple Breakfast Oat Cookies

Healthy oat breakfast cookies made with carrots, apples and banana.  If you are running late in the mornings then these cookies make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast and are also great for an after-school snack. They are super soft which makes them ideal for toddlers to munch on too!
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Breastfeeding Tips

  Courtesy of Mothering Magazine, here’s Breastfeeding 101: A primer of everything you need to know about nursing to get you started. Before you know it, you’ll be completely comfortable nursing your baby — and awed at the amazing dance of mothers and infants th
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Elizabeth Pantley’s Checklist for Safe Co-Sleeping

  Your bed must be absolutely safe for your baby. The best choice is to place the mattress on the floor, making sure there are no crevices that your baby can become wedged in. Make certain your mattress is flat, firm, and smooth. Do not allow your baby to sleep on a soft surface
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12 Ways to Protect Your Child From Stress

  By AHA Parenting Moments – Dr. Laura Markham Parents have always grappled with harsh realities to protect their children. But our culture poses risks that are difficult to navigate, because they aren’t obviously dangerous. In fact, we take them for granted as we go about
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Turning Picky Eaters into Foodies By Nancy Gottesman

Fed up with baking frozen pizza and toasting waffles as backups to every meal? Then quit. Tonight. Here’s why: Kids do not have a biological predisposition to reject healthy foods. It’s you, Mom, and those nutrient-deficient convenience foods you keep serving that shape yo
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Steps to Have a Stress(less) Christmas!

 Steps to Have a Stress(less) Christmas! Thrift Store, recycled or handmade gifts, can be fun and creative, and environmentally friendly. Draw names among the family/friends this way you purchase one gift, reduces cost and stress during the holidays. Give a gift of your time; make a g
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