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14 Ways to Keep Your Child from Developing an Eating Disorder

  In this culture, unfortunately, many of us eat diets that aren’t very healthy, and we don’t get enough exercise. That’s true for our kids, too. In fact, experts suggest that this is the first generation that’s less healthy than their parents. Unfortunate
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Holding On to Our Kids in a Digital World

by Deborah MacNamara Digital devices provide kids with the capacity to connect with each other like never before. No longer confined by geography , classroom walls or home, they have unprecedented access to a constant stream of friends, information and entertainment. While our kids em
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15 Adorable Facts About How Babies Learn from Mental Floss

  For the first few years of a baby’s life, everything in the world is new. Learning is a 24/7 process. They have to figure out how to move their bodies, how to manipulate objects, how to understand and use language, and more. It’s an understandably exhausting process. Here are 1
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Dinner: 30 Minutes to a More Connected Family

“Surrounded by the people who matter, gazing into the faces we love, we count our blessings and share our burdens, reliving the daily dramas of missed buses and skinned knees. We raise jelly glasses and champagne flutes, toasting accomplishments in classrooms and boardrooms. And
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Breastfeeding Tips

  Courtesy of Mothering Magazine, here’s Breastfeeding 101: A primer of everything you need to know about nursing to get you started. Before you know it, you’ll be completely comfortable nursing your baby — and awed at the amazing dance of mothers and infants th
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Elizabeth Pantley’s Checklist for Safe Co-Sleeping

  Your bed must be absolutely safe for your baby. The best choice is to place the mattress on the floor, making sure there are no crevices that your baby can become wedged in. Make certain your mattress is flat, firm, and smooth. Do not allow your baby to sleep on a soft surface
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12 Ways to Protect Your Child From Stress

  By AHA Parenting Moments – Dr. Laura Markham Parents have always grappled with harsh realities to protect their children. But our culture poses risks that are difficult to navigate, because they aren’t obviously dangerous. In fact, we take them for granted as we go about
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Non-violence as a Way of Life

Our instinct to mimic (or catch) all types of emotions provides the foundation to be able to resonate with and understand someone else’s feelings. Big I and Three Cs-lntent, content, circumstances, and possible intended and unintended consequences If we conclude that our actions could
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Stress Management Tips

  Stress: Possible Symptoms of Stress: ›  Anxiety ›  Tired ›  Pressure ›  Worried ›  Nervous ›  Overwhelmed ›  Nauseated ›  Irritability ›  Anger & Hostility ›  Depression ›  Mood Swings   Prolonged Stress Response: ›  Stress response is meant to be short-term ›  Stress
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