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Daily exercise, balancing, stretching and building strength as well as daily contact along with some good laughs and connection to good friends and family are the ingredient to a healthy life! Most of us know this, but do we get up off that coach and do it! We put off, until tomorrow, or another time since we don’t feel like it….but time to put that 5 second countdown into action. Five, four, three, two, one and do it! Stop making excuses and putting off until tomorrow….yes you can do it today!!

Choose to Move is a free six month goal focused program that has  been reaching out to seniors throughout the Columbia Valley for the past year successfully encouraging participants to take personal responsibility and making healthier decisions,  overcoming huge barriers in their lives!

“I was a couch potato and did not have many friends. I was isolated and did not know about nor participate in any of the activities that are available in our community. I learned at each session something new from the guest speaker and the other participants. Tricia has been supportive and encouraging throughout while I tried to make small steps and create new habits of exercise, making new friends and choosing a better life. Thank you!” CTM Participant

“I made small steps towards changing my behaviour and that worked!” CTM Participant

Participants gained useful and practical knowledge and information during group meetings with prominent guest speakers on a range of topics including fitness, nutrition, loss and emotional health, brain health, healthy weight management, personal safety, emergency preparedness, fire smart and fall prevention. We are adding advance directives and estate planning due to demand. Everyone has benefited from the sharing and experience, as well as from the discussions and practice.

Did you know:

  • The #1 cause of injuries among seniors are due to falls which are preventable!
  • Seniors are usually targets of scams, which are unreported due to embarrassment!
  • Everyone needs to daily challenge our most unused organ, our brain!
  • Fitness needs to be a daily routine, including exercises that increase your strength, flexibility and especially, balance!
  • Socialization is critical to ensure support, motivation and a healthy lifestyle as we age!
  • More seniors are accessing the resources available in this Valley in greater numbers with significant impact!!

Participants have started walking together, attending community lunches, participating at fitness classes, exercising at home, learning pickle ball, biking the Legacy Trail, swimming at the pools, eating smaller portions and heathier foods, clearing out coniferous trees close to their properties, removing scatter rugs in their homes, volunteering, in order to enhance their lifestyles and increase their endurance, sustainability and overall well-being. Knowing the facilities and resources available in our community and having friends to use them with creates a vibrant and dynamic community.

Of course the immediate benefit to you is that you will truly enjoy this magnificent Valley more, with your family and friends for many, many more years! Please call Wendy at Family Dynamix to register for the information session being held at Columbia Garden Village, August 6, 2019, from 930—12 noon.

This program is funded through the United Way of the Lower Mainland as a research pilot project with UBC.

Written by Dr. Patricia Duffy Atkin, Family Dynamix, Columbia Valley

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