Respecting Your Limits When Caring For Aging Parents

By Vivian E. Greenberg

Vivian Greenberg is a columnist for “Answers” – a magazine for adults with aging parents.

Although published in 1988, this book is more timely now as our aging population increases and the care and responsibility for major life decisions falls incrementally on the children.


The statistics are alarming. Elder abuse has become a major social concern.

Depression is prevalent in at least 16% of the over 65’s and for those in assisted living homes this figure can be as high as 40%.

Although the 65 and over age group comprises a 10th of the population, it accounts for 25% of all suicides.

A balanced perspective is offered on what the “season of loss” life stage and having to move from independence to dependence is like.


In this wise and beautifully written book, the author explains how to understand and accept the limits of what we can do for our parents.

She offers insight and valuable information on:

  • How to recognize unrealistic expectations
  • The source of the guilt, irritation, anger and resentment which can develop
  • How to get siblings to share responsibilities
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