Stress Management Tips



Possible Symptoms of Stress:

  • ›  Anxiety
  • ›  Tired
  • ›  Pressure
  • ›  Worried
  • ›  Nervous
  • ›  Overwhelmed
  • ›  Nauseated
  • ›  Irritability
  • ›  Anger & Hostility
  • ›  Depression
  • ›  Mood Swings


Prolonged Stress Response:

›  Stress response is meant to be short-term

›  Stress response is meant for fight or flight from danger, therefore it creates physiological changes to one’s body

›  The stress response will result in less blood to the brain, digestive organs and to the immune system, while heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol increases.

›  If stress response is prolonged, these physiological changes will continue, and negatively affect your health, mental state and well being

How to deal with it:

›  Prevent!

Sometimes we put ourselves in unnecessary stressful situations. Ex: Toxic friendships

›  Reduce it!

What are some steps you can take that will reduce your level of stress? Ex: paying your bills on time? Making payment plans?

›  Cope with it!

 Not all things are under your control. Identify things that you CAN control and set goals and action plans to improve your situation. Altering your perceptions of what is stressing you will help to improve your overall well being

Stress can have a huge impact in your physical and psychological well-being. Dedicating yourself to self-care can reduce the stress effects on your body and give you a better balance in life.

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