Summer Boredom Solutions

Summer holidays are upon us earlier than expected and with that comes the inevitability of hearing the phrase, “I’m so bored!” sooner than later.  The Family Dynamix is aware that boredom in combination with peer pressure is a leading cause of teenagers choosing to experiment with some high risk behaviors.

Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. (Wikipedia)  and when that occurs so do activities like drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, even property damage.

With this in mind, the Youth Outreach Worker was very impressed to see that an entire section of the June 13th edition of the Pioneer was devoted to summer camps and activities on pages 19 – 22.   There is an amazing selection of activities that all take advantage of the natural resources and people that Invermere and surrounding areas are privy to.   You can attend Blue Lake Summer Camps or take the shuttle up to the Panorama Kids Clubs and Activities.  The College of the Rockies is hosting summer programing that includes 15 different activities and Summit Youth Centre has scheduled activities all summer long plus it is a safe and fun place to just hang out.   Of course Adventure Radium will once again take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting on July 2.

On top of this programming, the Outreach Worker at the Family Dynamix is also starting up a few activities for the youth in the program.   One on one visits will continue throughout the summer for any youth who are interested and starting in July we will be partnering with the Canadian Tire JumpStart program and Deuce of Diamonds Trail Rides in Fairmont to provide a five session Intro to Equine Handling camp to program participants between the ages of 12 – 18.  The Valley Fitness Centre has also provided access to the gym for those clients wanting to maintain a healthy body and the tennis courts, local hikes and the beaches are FREE!

We live in the middle of paradise in a valley that recognizes the importance of healthy and happy youth.   With the support of the Family Dynamix, it is the goal to help minimize the negative effects of boredom for as many local youth as possible!   Have a great summer holiday everyone!

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