Talk to Me, Play with Me, Carry Me


The Langley Infant Mental Health Collaborative is proud to share the “Talk to Me, Play with Me, Carry Me – #mywellbeingstartswithyou” Public Awareness campaign.  This campaign began after a two day round table discussion with the Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMPH) Team from Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

The campaign has support from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the BC Pediatric Society and the Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMPH) team based out of Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. We hope that you will support us too!

The focus of Talk to Me, Play with Me, Carry Me – #mywellbeingstartswithyou is to increase parents and caregivers’ awareness of the importance that simple every day interactions can have on the wellbeing and mental health of their baby.

The messaging has been designed to highlight some of the current concerns with parental over-use of technology as well as over-use of baby equipment and the impact that both can have on the mental health and overall development of infants.  This is accomplished by showing the non-preferred behavior (in black and white imagery) in contrast to the preferred behavior (in full colour imagery).

  • Thank you for helping us to spread this important message. For any questions regarding this campaign please feel free to contact me.
  • Funding was generously provided by the Ministry for Children and Family Development to cover the costs associated with the creation of the video and bandanas.
  • If the link above doesn’t work, the video can be found on YouTube – Talk to Me, Play with Me, Carry Me – #mywellbeingstartswithyou
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