The Bully in Your Relationship. Stop Emotional Abuse and Get the Love You Deserve

By Anne-Renee Testa, PH. D

The title of this book describes it pretty concisely!! Psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Testa, has developed a method she calls A.R.T. (Acknowledge, Reassess, Take Action) to help people experiencing abuse.

She sets up a framework for action and change by defining types of bullies and abuse; examining how bullies get to be the way they are and the surprising similarity between bullies and their victims.

This is a no-nonsense, practical book that allows you to take stock of your situation, take responsibility (and let go of everything else) and take steps to change what you can change – your own choices and circumstances.

Some of her perks of wisdom, “Remember. You can stand up for yourself. You can stop the emotional abuse. You can demand more respect, more dignity, more happiness. Because you deserve the best – in love and in life.”

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