The Family Dynamix Association aims to be a growing, learning, supportive place where people are comfortable seeking assistance in dealing with issues they face, or simply to drop in, share, learn, revitalize, and enjoy.

Counselling provided is supportive and educational and is not intended as therapy or treatment.  The counsellor’s role is:

The full content of Philosophy of Service is available as PDF here.

  • To listen without prejudice or judgment to provide opportunity for individuals to organize their thoughts and feelings.

  • To provide guidance and encouragement as individuals develop and enhance additional communication and conflict-resolution skills.

  • To provide information regarding individual and family development.

  • To enhance clients’ problem-solving, coping, and developmental capacities.

  • To link clients with appropriate resources, services, and opportunities.

Value Statement

The Family Dynamix Association board of directors and senior management commit to upholding the integrity of the organization through communicating and practicing the following values and preferences:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.

  • Compliance with all contractual obligations.

  • A professional approach to financial reporting.

  • Integrity of transactions and records, through the process of a review engagement or audit by a chartered accountant.

  • Conflict of interest guidelines.

  • Respect for the public trust.

  • Respect for the privacy of client, organization, and employee information.

  • Truth and fair dealing; fairness and equity.

  • Quality and competence.

  • Leadership by example.

  • Fair treatment of, and respect for, individuals.

  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics which may include, but not be limited to, the above statements.

Code of Ethics


To ensure the maximum adherence to the stated ethical principles and practices of the Family Dynamix Association, to protect persons served from behavior on the part of service providers which may be misguided or unethical.


High standards of conduct by service providers are essential to ensuring high quality, safe, and professional services to clients of the Family Dynamix Association.


  1. All staff and volunteers delivering services on behalf of the Family Dynamix Association will adhere to the Code of Ethics (attached) and their behavior while delivering those services will be congruent with the principles and practices expressed in the code.
  2. Highlights of the Code of Ethics will be posted in a conspicuous place in the Family Dynamix Association for clients to read.
  3. The counsellor/case manager and/or the executive director will respond to any questions or concerns about the Code of Ethics by a client or prospective client.
  4. Complaints relating to the behaviour of service providers covered in the Code of Ethics will be dealt with under the agency’s normal complaint procedure.