British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union

The BCGEU is one of the largest and most diverse unions in British Columbia. It represents over 80,000 members in 550 bargaining units in the private sector and public services.

BCGEU traces its beginnings back to the early 1900s when provincial government employees formed an association to address their working conditions. Since then, the union has organized thousands of workers outside the government service.

About a third of the BCGEU’s membership works in the direct government service. Their jobs include protecting children, providing financial assistance to the poor, protecting the environment and managing our natural resources, caring for the mentally ill in institutions, staffing provincial correctional facilities, fighting forest fires and providing the government’s technical and clerical services.

The union is also proud to represent thousands of members in health care, community social services, education, highways maintenance, casinos, credit unions, municipalities, regional districts and other employers.