Empowering Seniors helps identify risks and signs of frailty amongst seniors above 65 years of age who are at risk of frailty, and social isolation.  The program creates tailored interventions & self-management plans in their support.

The program connects seniors with need-assessed local and virtual resources enabling them to remain independent in their own houses for as long as possible.

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Seniors Community Connector
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Program Goal:

To connect seniors to community programs, services and resources that will help them thrive, and remain connected and independent for as long as possible by:

  • Identifying frailty in individuals and increasing public awareness of the risks and early signs of frailty.

  • Creating tailored interventions and self-management plans.

  • Connecting to active, healthy lifestyle resources to live well and longer.

  • Socializing and learning through webinars, workshops and coaching calls.

  • Periodic check-ins and monitoring of progress.

What is frailty and being “at risk” about?

Frailty is a condition of reduced function, strength and health due to chronic disease, aging, inactivity, poor nutrition, loneliness, social isolation, and/or multiple medications.

Acute Frailty Syndrome may lead you to be at risk of:

  • Falls, delirium (or acute confusion) and ‘off legs’.

  • Critical hospital and care home admission.

  • Unfortunate death.

Social Prescribing Program connects seniors to:

  • Physical activities
  • Social fun opportunities
  • Nutritional supports
  • General information and resources

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risks and signs of frailty
  • Improved quality of life, social connectedness and well-being
  • Enhanced long term physical and mental health outcomes
  • Decreased need for acute care and prolonged hospital stays
  • Helps individuals live independently in their homes while remaining in touch with their communities

In partnership with Better at Home Program and Family Dynamix.