Life Skills for Youth provides resources and parenting support to parents who have children with special needs and have diverse abilities.

The program delivers life skills education to youth 13 through 18 years of age who are diversely abled or with special needs. encouraging and creating varied opportunities to live a more independent and socially active lifestyle.

It’s all about appreciating and empowering the youths and their families!

Raising a child or a teen who has diverse abilities or special needs can be very overwhelming and requiring extra support to maximize the quality of their family life.

The Life Skills Program, at Family Dynamix, provides that extra professional support services for the special needs youth and their families. It is for encouraging and creating varied opportunities for our youths with diverse abilities, to live a more independent and socially active lifestyle; for their families to gain more knowledge and tools in supporting their youth and helping them build a new network of support; and giving an opportunity to the community to understand these youth better and integrate them with empathy, into the folds of its cultural fabric.

It is an exciting opportunity for youth with diverse abilities to connecting with each other and their community. It also gives the parents a platform to get to know other parents whom they have things in common.

Key Resources

Youth are referred to this program through:

Patricia Braniff
Child & Youth Special Needs Social Worker
Ministry of Children and Family Development
Golden, BC

Phone: 250-344-7773
Fax: 250-244-7592

Contact Youth Life Skills Worker, Family Dynamix for more information:

Life Skills Program helps the youths:

  • Build their confidence level

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging to a group

  • Develop new friendships, and socialize

  • Learn essential life skills

  • Build community connections and be empowered

  • Become active and contributive members of the community

Life Skills Program encompasses the following and other skill sets:

  • Self-Care

  • Daily Living

  • Cooking and Serving

  • Recreational and Leisure

  • Work experience

  • Community-based instructions