Violence is Preventable is a complementary and comprehensive provincial strategy linking BC schools with PEACE (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling, and Empowerment) Programs for children and youth.

Violence is Preventable is an internationally acclaimed, evidence based personal safety and violence prevention program. It is continually being developed based on extensive research, continual evaluation and partnership working.

The program has elements which work with many different age groups, nationalities and mental and physical abilities.

The project tackles all forms of violence and abuse including sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence, racism, homophobia, bullying, sectarianism, sexism and gender issues. It seeks to challenge and change the attitudes which lead to violence and encourage children to make early disclosures of violence and abuse so that it can be identified and dealt with sooner. There are a wide range of resources and programmes available.

Family Dynamix partners with David Thompson Secondary School to deliver this program to all of the grade eight students in the school setting.